Mental game coaching is growing rapidly across the US and the world. Athletes at all levels of performance, from Olympic caliber athletes to recreational players are acquiring mental game skills that will help them maximize their athletic potential. Mental Performance Sports is dedicated to helping athletes, coaches, and teams reach their peak performance.

Featured Athlete

Mental Performance Sports is proud to feature Alli Sambo. As a pitcher for her softball team, Alli has achieved great things this year and Mental Performance Sports is proud to have been a part of her success. You can read more in the Testimonials.
Courtesy of the Daily Herald
Photographer: Paul Michna

Your Mental Game Coach

Marc D. Anderson, known as "Coach A" has developed a peak performance approach based on his clinical and coaching expertise and own experience as a competitive athlete. This unique background allows Coach A to impact athletes in a powerful, insightful, and approachable manner.
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Mental Performance Sports

The Mental Performance Programs have been created to help athletes "elevate their minds to elevating their game", regardless of the sport. Marc provides a personalized and trusting experience for athletes and can help you and your team develop the mental skills necessary to take your potential to the next level through mental game coaching.
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